What type are you?

What's your housekeeping style? Are you a type A or a type B like me?


Most people know what a Type A personality is, and we often think of those individuals as superior.  In fact, they do have a lot of great traits that come in handy when managing a home and family.  They’re driven go-getters, who like to get things done (perfectly) and
seem to do so without effort.  They’re excellent leaders, and time management is a natural skill (that I covet).  And the lists they make?  You better believe all those boxes are ticked by the end of the day!  Of course, there are drawbacks to being hyper-vigilant…


I hear it’s pretty stressful and that doesn’t do well for the body.  It takes effort for Type As to unwind and let go of the mental list of endless to-dos.

I make lists too, and quite often.  But I’m a Type B.  The difference is, most of those boxes are left un-ticked… often only looked at once, while I’m actually writing the list.  I can also get things done, but they’re probably not the same things a Type A would choose to do.  Some days I spend hours organizing a cupboard, not caring that the dishes need to be done and the vacuuming is way overdue.  My priorities are different.   Instead of following schedules and lists, I follow whims.  I think they call it “flying by the seat of your pants”.  It’s not all bad being relaxed about daily demands though, Type Bs are notably less stressed and easy going!  We can put things off without a second thought if something more important (or more fun) comes up.  The chores may not be done perfectly, or on the day they should be, but life is enjoyed for the most part.

There is absolutely no inferior personality type, in my opinion.  We just have different ways of doing things, and reacting to situations.  I do wish that we housewives could stop comparing ourselves and our homes to others, because we are all so different in that wonderful human way.  Wouldn’t it be nice not to care what people think?  But that’s not the world we live in.  And we’re expected to have clean homes.  Nobody notices the housework you do, unless you don’t do it… am I right, ladies?  

I want to live in a clean, organized home, and it would be great if it stayed that way for longer than 24 hours (heck, 2 hours would be nice) but I’m not stressing about it.  I think it’s possible.  And thinking about it is the part I’m good at.

How about you?  Are you A or B or in between?  Comment and let me know!


4 thoughts on “What type are you?

  1. Mel

    I am definitely a type B but I often find myself envying type A’s. I think there are many benefits of being a type B that leaves you more flexible and adaptable which are very important but I find when someone describes themselves as a type A, it feels to me like bragging. I think it sounds like bragging to me because although my house is messy, it bugs me tremendously I can’t seem to choose to stay inside and clean on a sunny day. Or if I do, I sometime find myself paralysed between the wanting to Be a type A, with the reality of being a type B, which can feel stressful. I feel like I am cleaning all day but it is the repetetiveness of it all, doing the laundry, only to keep doing it forever. Anyway Thank you for the article. I love it!

    1. Krista Post author

      Yes! Being a Type B can be stressful too, especially when we desire to have an effortlessly clean home but it doesn’t come naturally. Your blog is looking great, by the way! 🙂

  2. Ana

    I’m a “want to be type B”! Not to say I’m a complete type A so struggles with perfectionism and stress! It’s so unhealthy as you said Krista, and I’ve been working hard on enjoying and cherishing every moment instead of making the house look sparkly clean (effortless!) and making sure every item on the list is crossed. Lately I’m limiting myself to have 3 things only a day on my to do list besides homeschooling – no more than that! And it’s freeing! So much better!!

    1. Krista Post author

      Thanks for your comment Ana! There are absolutely pros and cons to both personality types. I love the 3 item limit on your to-do list, I think that could benefit everyone! If I only had 3 things to do, I would be more likely to succeed. 🙂


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