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How to print Traveler’s Notebook inserts

Because printing booklets can be tricky!


Do you have a Traveler’s Notebook?  If you do, you need to fill it up with inserts to suit your needs.  Even if you don’t have a TN, the inserts available are so awesome!  They are a great portable size to take on the go or tuck inside your purse.

Currently I have a monthly planner, a bullet journal, an expense planner, meal planner, and a blog planner… and there are many other options out there.

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How I plan with a Traveler’s Notebook

You can do it all in a Traveler's Notebook!


I love my planner.  Within it lies just about everything I need to plan my days, record events, and keep track of to-do’s.  Sure, there’s an app for everything, and I’ve tried using apps to organize my life but they have never seemed to do the trick.  I do use my cell phone to set alarms, but I’m a visual person… calendars that are out of sight are out of mind!  There’s something about having a hard copy, about physically writing things out that helps me to get things done and remember important dates.

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