How I plan with a Traveler’s Notebook

You can do it all in a Traveler's Notebook!


I love my planner.  Within it lies just about everything I need to plan my days, record events, and keep track of to-do’s.  Sure, there’s an app for everything, and I’ve tried using apps to organize my life but they have never seemed to do the trick.  I do use my cell phone to set alarms, but I’m a visual person… calendars that are out of sight are out of mind!  There’s something about having a hard copy, about physically writing things out that helps me to get things done and remember important dates.

The style of planner I use is called a Traveler’s Notebook.  Midori is the official brand of the Traveler’s Notebook, but there are also a lot of artisans on Etsy who make and sell Fauxdoris.  It is basically a durable, attractive cover that you can fill and customize with inserts.  I purchased my Fauxdori on Etsy at this shop, which sells adorable planner goodies.   


Even before I had my Traveler’s Notebook, I was using the inserts.  If you don’t have a TN, the inserts are still awesome little helpers.  They are a great size to take on the go.  All of the printable inserts I’m currently using are from  this blogger’s shop.


The first insert I use is my monthly planner.  I record birthdays, events and appointments here (I also use a magnetic calendar on my fridge, to keep the whole family in the loop).  When I printed the planner, I had no idea how to print a double-sided booklet.  I ended up printing it all one-sided, and then taping the pages together with a little bit of colour added to help quickly find the months.  I actually really like it, as it prevents my felt pens from bleeding through to the next page.


The second insert is my bullet journal, which I made by printing double-sided graph paper.  Bullet journaling has changed my world!  I do a very simple version, which is a daily to-do list and any other notes I need to jot down.  (Almost) every evening, I sit down and check the monthly planner for any appointments or events coming up.  I then record those under the next day’s date in my bullet journal, followed by any other tasks I need to remember.  I put a little circle in front of each task, and as they’re completed the circle gets X’d off and I pat myself of the back.  Anything that doesn’t get completed that day is moved to the next day as needed.  Some people get super-fancy with their bujos, and mine may get more intricate with time, but for now it’s basic and does the job!  The best part for me is that I can miss a day… or days… and there are no blank pages to make me feel like a failure.


I also have a second graph paper insert in there, which I use as an inspirational scrapbook.  It has little glued-in magazine clippings, and other random bits of fun.

My other inserts are an expense tracker (which I should really use more often), a blog planner, and a meal planner.  So much greatness in a portable package!


I added a binder clip to hold my pen, and a DIY pocket folder made from this YouTube tutorial using a legal-sized file.  It holds my stickers and receipts nicely, with room for so much more!

Planning in a Traveler's Notebook -

What do you use to plan your days?  Comment below and let me know what works (or what’s not working) for you!




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